August 11, 2007

Another Prayer for Rain

Sleepless nights in muggy rooms
Waiting for relief to come
A prayer for rain to end the torture
Of yet another dreary day

There will be no relief any time soon
And prayers fall upon deaf ears
Yet the blistering heat does nothing
To warm the cold heart within

A soft cool breeze rustles the curtains
In a vane attempt to bring comfort
So little it is barely even noticed
And just as quickly fades away

A bird sings a gentle little song
Far off in the distant night sky
A song as though also a prayer
Perhaps another prayer for rain

Sleep will be coming shortly
As the morning sun begins to rise
And perhaps if I am fortunate
I shall dream of summer showers

A dream of rain and thunder
To wash away the dirt and grime
To make clear the cluttered mess
Of an already tarnished mind

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