August 11, 2007

The Cell

Sitting in a darkened room
That starts to feel just like a tomb
Watching shadows on the wall
Hearing screams from down the hall

Too scared to even leave your bed
Voices shouting in your head
Wishing for a little light
So you can make it through the night

Why you are here you do not know
But there is nowhere else to go
For those you love have left you here
And then they simply disappear

Memories start to fill your head
Making you wish that you were dead
Insane thoughts start to invade
As your will begins to fade

You start to scream then start to weep
Begging for a chance to sleep
So that you can slip into denial
If only for a little while

All alone in a padded cell
You might as well be trapped in hell
Because for you there’s no escape
And from this dream you shall not wake

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