August 13, 2007

Cold December Winter

She raises a hand to help you
And she wants to offer shelter
From the cold December winter
That is blowing up around you

But her body’s weak and frail now
And she cannot seem to grasp you
And you’re slipping through her fingers
While the wind is laughing madly

You struggle to move forward
But the snow is getting deeper
And you cannot get your footing
On the ice where you are standing

So you slip a little deeper
Into the darkness that surrounds you
While she’s calling out your name
And clutching at your fingers

You know she truly loves you
But even she can’t save you
From the chill that has engulfed you
On this cold December winter

So you slip into the shadows
Where there is nothing left to warm you
And you cry out for your mother
But you know she cannot hear you

Now your soul has left your body
On a blanket in your bedroom
On this cold December winter
Clutched tightly by your mother

Who raises her head slowly
Towards the table at your bedside
And then blows out a candle
While the wind’s still laughing madly

And it’s time that you move on now
Past the shadows of your memory
Towards the world laid out before you
On this cold December winter

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