August 13, 2007

The Eyes of a Child

The eyes of a child
Can see the truth of a fairy tale
The eyes of a child
Can find wonder in the mundane
The eyes of a child
Can find peace in a battlefield

If only to once more be able to see
Through the eyes of a child
To know the simple pleasures
Of a game of hide and seek
To be able to see the magic
That lies beyond the rainbow

When was it that I lost my child’s eyes?
Was it when I faced the real world
And only found suffering?
When did I lose that simplicity?
Was it when I reached adulthood
And only found stagnation?

There is nothing I wouldn’t do
To find those eyes again
There is nothing I wouldn’t give
To know the joy of play
To see through a child’s eyes
If only just once more

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Anonymous said...

This is the first time on your site. I've just read all of your poems here and think they are great. Keep up the good work. I'll be back to check out more!