August 11, 2007

The Final Journey

I come to this same place every year on this date.
I am drawn to this place, it is special to me yet each time I come seems to take longer and longer.
I fear that this may be my last trip here for it is a perilous journey.
For some unknown reason coming here fills me with great sadness.
As I near closer to this special place I see my darling wife waiting for me.
She is holding a bouquet of beautiful white roses.
As I come closer I notice that she is standing beside a block of marble.
I approach her yet she does not see me.
I touch her yet she cannot feel me.
She is crying as she reaches out and touches the large stone.
She cries out my name.
I call back to her.
She does not hear me.
I look towards the stone and see my name, date of birth and another date I am not familiar with.
On the bottom of the stone is written:
“Dearly missed, rest in peace.”

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