August 13, 2007

Life’s Little Surprises

I wear a shroud of misery
A blanket of despair
I eat a meal of treachery
Have sorrow as my lair

I hide among the shadows
And cringe against the light
I avoid the sunlight
And pay homage to the night

I do not ask for pity
For I know there’s none to spare
But if you ever come across me
Please do so with care

For I may be a monster
Of that I have no doubt
But your hatred is something
I could simply do without

It was not so long ago my friend
That I was just like you
I had a life full of happiness
And a heart, it’s true

But life always has a funny way
Of taking us by surprise
And when we are not looking
It ends up causes our demise

So if one night you ever meet me
Please do not simply run away
Remember that which befell me
Could happen to you one day

It could happen when you least suspect it
When you think that life is grand
You may just find your happiness
Was not something that god had planned

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