August 12, 2007

The Visit

A shadow lingers in the air
As a slight breeze flows through your hair
A gentle touch caresses your skin
And then you are alone again

Your heart races, then skips a beat
You try to run but can’t retreat
Out of fear you start to cry
When in your ear you hear a sigh

“Do not fear” you hear it say
“For here with you I cannot stay
I shall be gone from here tomorrow
Though leaving you fills me with sorrow”

The familiar voice catches you by surprise
As the tears flow from your eyes
For you know who’s here with you
And you feel as if a dream’s come true

“For you my love I have returned
For your touch my soul has yearned
I’ve escaped from Hell to be with you
To tell you that my love is true”

“In my life I had caused so much pain
Many a man my hands have slain
But you were there with heart so pure
That with your love my soul endured”

“So now in Hell I pay my debt
For all my sins I shall repent
So that when the time has come
You and I can again be one”

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