May 23, 2008


Wracked with guilt full of despair
Though try to act like you don’t care
Guardian angels watch with tears in their eyes
No longer able to see through your disguise

Could it be you’re too far gone?
Has this charade gone on too long?
Has it come down to sink or swim?
Can you escape this mess you’re in?

Push away the helping hand
The one I won’t extend again
The hand that could have saved your life
Now holding the bloody knife

Tossing roses at your feet
Waiting for when next we meet
So that we may start again
Knowing how things could have been

Chalk it up to live and learn
Light a match and watch it burn
Let it slip into the past
Hoping that the pain won’t last

So say goodbye to yesterday
Turn your back and walk away
Steal away into the night
Spread your wings and then take flight

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