November 11, 2011

The Zombie Next Door

There was one single rule down on Sycamore Street
That all the kids followed whenever they’d meet
Whenever they went out to run and to play
At house 666 they would all keep away

Everyone knew that that house was bad
And light never shone, not even a tad
From out of the windows of house 666
That creepy old house made of crumbling bricks

The house wasn’t empty as everyone knew
Because every so often you could see an eyeball or two
Peeking from behind the curtains of yellowing lace
Sometimes you could almost even make out a face

Even the mailman’s knees would quite often shake
Whenever he had some deliveries to make
To house 666 with the zombie inside
Who used to be Mr. Zimmerman before he had died

Now Mr. Zimmerman had died over six years ago
From a terrible heart attack while shoveling snow
How he came back no one ever knew
But he wouldn’t leave so what could they do?

So now there’s a zombie living on Sycamore Street
Who comes out late at night to find something to eat
His favorites include skunks and nice juicy rats
He even sometimes eats the neighborhood cats

So just to be safe please keep Fluffy inside
In fact all your pets should learn how to hide
For when Mr. Zimmerman’s hungry only the best will do
And you don’t want him cooking a nice kitty stew

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